Bells of Purgatory

Join us, as the Bells of Purgatory ring in your arrival.

Leon Dalton;

Leon's a part-time cyptid, full time void monster, watching you from the shadows. A huge fan of everything monstery, demonic and grotesque, Leon's a gigantic nerd all day every day. 

The Bells of Purgatory is Leon's brainchild, and it's been growing for years. Leon has an entire universe in their head that they're getting out through BOP, and the story is only about 1/10th of the cacaphony they've got up there.


Jocelyn Cade;

Jocelyn, being one of Leon's best friends, has always wanted to work on a webcomic, and after helping Leon develop the world of BOP a little bit, determined that doing the art for BOP is her next big project. 

Currently the queen of our social media, chances are if you message us, she'll be the one chatting with you. <3 The feds are hot on her trail, they've stolen her crocs and she's ready to die. 



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Instagram: @bellsofpurgatory