Bells of Purgatory

Join us, as the Bells of Purgatory ring in your arrival.


by bellsofpurgatory

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Hey there! 

We're Jocelyn Cade and Luna Dalton. We've been planning this story for a very long time (Luna more than me lmao) and recently decided to turn our work into a webcomic! We've created this "coming soon" page in preparation for the release of pages and we're storyboarding and drawing our pants off. 

It'll be a bit of time before there's any actual content besides the "WIP" page, but if you want, there's a way you can know right when we have enough pages down to start slowly releasing them. 

But how, you ask?

We have a mailing list

So add your email to it, and sit back, because the Bells are going to start to ring.

<3 JC and Luna